Classes And Workshops

Come celebrate and discover your talent in a slightly different atmosphere...

In my magical studio in Ein Hayam  hadera israel.

 I offer workshops on various and diverse painting subjects. All workshops combine creativity and art, and no prior experience is needed. They are tailored to your requirements, so you can have a unique and unforgettable experience. 


All you have to do is come with a good mood for some quality, enjoyable time!

Portrait Painting Workshop

During the workshop, you will create unique portrait paintings in various styles of your choice, even if you've never held a paintbrush before.

Mandala Workshop

We'll receive canvases and begin our creative journey. While enjoying ourselves, we'll discuss color combinations, how to create patterns, and achieve color harmony. At the end, you'll take home the colorful mandala you've created and have the option to hang it in a special place on your wall.

Women's Painting Workshop

In this workshop, we will paint women in various styles based on photographs I will provide. You can choose the faces and bodies you want to paint. We will use acrylic paints on canvas using a unique technique that requires no prior experience. During the workshop, I will provide simple and clear guidelines so that all participants can create impressive artwork they can be proud of.

Color and Shadow Workshop

This is the workshop where there are no shortcomings; everything comes out perfectly. In this workshop, we will work on canvases, mix colors, and create an intriguing and unique color surface for each participant. On the colorful canvas, we will draw shadows of animals, figures, landscapes, and more (don't worry, we have templates), and we will arrange an interesting composition. The shadows will be painted in black for a moment of vibrancy. The result is fascinating and breathtaking.

Free Painting Workshop

In this workshop, we will learn simple and clear techniques using acrylic paints. We will use brushes, palette knives, and a material called gesso to thicken the paint. We will also incorporate newspaper clippings, threads, and various textures according to your choice. The workshop will take place in a positive atmosphere, fostering inner connection and creative flow.

Frida Kahlo Farewell Workshop

In this workshop, we will become acquainted with the breathtaking paintings of the artist Frida Kahlo. Through learning simple and clear techniques, we will create a portrait of the iconic artist with the flowers adorning her hair, representing her iconic persona. We will use acrylic paints on canvas. I will guide you through the creative process, and each participant will leave with an impressive masterpiece they can proudly display.

Who are the workshops suitable for?

How does it work?

You come to my studio, bring a cake and light refreshments for the birthday or Bat Mitzvah, and I take care of the rest. I’ll decorate the space, provide candles, music, and a good atmosphere.

In the workshop, you’ll receive canvases, paints, and all the art materials you need. In two hours of fun, we’ll create together, mix colors, and leave with amazing creations.

(Note: The text appears to be a promotional description for art workshops, and some details might need further clarification or adaptation based on context.)

All of us have busy and hectic daily routines,
and it's time to make some quality time for yourselves!

In the magical studio in the neighborhood of Ein Hayam in Hadera, we gather for painting lessons for beginners and advanced students.
The classes are held in small groups with personal attention to each participant, and no prior experience is required.

In these sessions, we will explore various painting styles, each according to your choice: realistic, abstract, intuitive, figurative,
 and many other interesting styles!

We will learn techniques that will help you achieve impressive results, providing you with tools and opportunities to practice drawing,
light and shadow, composition, and proportion.

We will delve into color properties, mixing colors, and the application of color and brushwork.
Each participant can practice painting from observation of still life, painting from a reference image, self-portraits, portraits, and more.

In the classes, we primarily use acrylic paints but may also experiment with oil paints, pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, depending on your preference. In addition to traditional painting, I will introduce you to the technology of the modern age, interesting and advanced painting applications,
and technological techniques that enhance our painting skills.

My painting sessions are a therapeutic, creative, and social experience. My studio is a place for relaxation, self-expression without criticism or judgment, a place of acceptance and giving, in a good atmosphere, with lots of creativity, laughter, and good company.

Come give your soul a massage and discover the artist within you. Allow yourself to break free, discover, and surprise yourself.

And of course, I will guide you through every creative process you choose with professionalism, patience, and a lot of love.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll be bugging:

Who are the classes suitable for?

The little details:

When does the next class start?

Mondays and Tuesdays from 09:00 to 11:30
Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 18:00 to 20:30

Art Class Regulations in Ein Hayam, instructed by Diana Sade.

  1. The art class takes place in the Ein Hayam neighborhood in Hadera, in Diana Shadda’s private studio at 5 HaCarmel Street.

  2. As part of the class, participants will have access to professional equipment, including painting canvases, brushes, pencils, professional easels, palettes, projectors, screens, and more. Other equipment and materials will need to be purchased by the students. A recommended list of colors and additional supplies to purchase before the start of the lessons will be provided.
  3. Equipment can be purchased at a discount through a supplier directly associated with the studio [details available upon request].
  4. The payment is made every 3 months in advance (12 sessions) and amounts to 450 shekels per month for 4 bi-weekly sessions – 2.5 hours each, including setup and wrap-up time.
  5. There will be an option for one trial lesson with no commitment before registration. A participant who decides to register will also pay for the trial lesson. In any case, a place in the class is not guaranteed until after formal registration and payment arrangement.
  6. A student is allowed to withdraw from the class at any time, but if they withdraw in the middle of the month or towards its end, they will not receive refunds for the unused lessons.
  7. A student is allowed to miss a lesson, provided they inform at least 24 hours in advance (to allow for possible substitution of another student). In such a case, the student can make up for the missed lesson based on availability, without the teacher committing to a specific makeup date. A student who does not inform about their absence at all, informs on the same day, or informs less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full amount for that lesson, and they will not have the option to make up for the missed lesson.
  8. Extended absence of a student – more than one month (with prior notice) – will give the student the option to make up for all the missed lessons based on availability. For absences exceeding one month, the student can inform about a temporary pause in their lessons, with the understanding that their place cannot be guaranteed, but they will have priority if a spot becomes available. A student who chooses to keep their place during the absence will be required to pay in advance for the period of absence.
  9. Makeup lessons will be allowed only during ongoing activity where payment has been made for the mentioned months.
  10. Teacher’s absence: In case of my absence from lessons, a makeup session will be scheduled in advance with the student.
  11. The studio management reserves the right to change days and hours of operation, cancel, or combine lessons with prior notice to participants.
  12. Holidays and special occasions – the studio commits to provide 12 lessons during a three-month subscription. Holidays are taken into account for months with 5 lessons, and if necessary, an additional lesson will be held in the month immediately following the subscription period.
  13. I hereby give permission for Diana to publish my photos on the studio’s website and on social networks.
  14. You have coffee, tea, cold water, and light snacks at your disposal. Please ensure the equipment is clean, and remember to wash brushes and palettes after use. Also, make sure the sink and countertop remain clean after use.
  15. Please respect your fellow students in the class and organize yourselves 10 minutes before the end of the lesson to vacate your spots promptly.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and productive learning experience,

Diana Sade.