About Diana Sada

My name is Diana Sade

I am a contemporary artist born in 1974, married to Yair and mother of three sons.

I was born in Israel and I live and create in my studio in Ein Hayam in Hadera, Israel.

I am a painter and an emotional therapist, I have a studio where I paint, teach painting classes, art therapist

and conducts art workshops for groups.

I am a graduate of art studies at an art seminary and have a bachelor’s degree in art and art teaching.

I have a master’s degree in therapy, about a decade ago I decided to study art therapy at the University of Haifa, and since then I have been engaged in therapy and art at the same time, painting 

in my studio and exhibiting in exhibitions.

I worked in the Ministry of Education as an art teacher in high school and elementary school and taught art classes for youth and adults, in the last decade I focused on emotional therapy in art and creation in my studio.

Art for me is a way of life, since I can remember I loved to draw, I loved the contact with the color and the materials, I studied people’s figures in drawing and color.

Art is a therapeutic and healing tool, which allows for me a space of inclusion and empowerment.

My creative process begins with a feeling or emotion that I want to transfer to the canvas, I am inspired by powerful women who transmit tenderness, delicacy, empathy, and at the same time passion, joy, optimism, presence, power, and confidence.

I like to experiment and challenge myself in using a varied color palette,

In intriguing figures, which I paint on large canvases in a dominant color.

As a painter, I believe that art has the power to change an atmosphere, to bring uniqueness into every space,

The color and character of the painting brings life and good energy to the space along with interest and curiosity.


Choosing a painting for a space, whether it’s a living room or an office, is a challenge in itself,

Many times there is confusion about the nature of the desired painting on the wall.

A painting with a bright color or bright tones, figures or a landscape, a smooth or prominent texture,

A large / small painting / or maybe a pair…

Whatever you decide to choose is sure to boost the design of the space, introduce a warm atmosphere and attract

the eye of everyone who will watch it.

I paint paintings that give a sensory experience, the paintings instill power and presence in the viewer

  The dominant colors, optimism and character of my paintings will bring depth and interest to your space.